Monday, April 11, 2011

Got just a few minutes to spare?

So I have been visiting the contestants of Win, Lose, or Blog and am noticing that they are a little light on the comments.  COME ON, PEOPLE!  Pick somebody and encourage, encourage, encourage the pants off of them!  (Get it?  They'll need to buy new pants because they're so thin?  HA HA!  I kill myself...)  Seriously, you may be all the encouragement they get in this journey to good health, and it is important!  You might not be, but not everyone has a good support system IRL when it comes to weight loss, and that is a painful mental hurdle to conquer along with cutting the fat.  Please consider being a joy-bringer, taking someone on, and cheering them on a few times a week.  Remember this puts you in the running for WLB prizes, too!  :)

Are you needing further motivation?  I've got it in spades!  We went to a music festival on a college campus, and I don't recall seeing many overweight people the entire day.  When the music died down (which was awesome~the taiko drummers were my favorite!) the ladies came to lay out in the sun in their bikinis.  Yeah, I felt like a water buffalo for sure, and while I have no desire to bare my midriff, it was motivating!

Pushin' through the pain!


  1. I just checked out the blog it looks good and I totally feel you when you look around at people in their bikinis or clothes that may qualify as a bikini. You can do it!

  2. lmao Pauline! You crack me up :) I love taiko drumming too!!! So cool.

    Thanks for the WLB shout out- the contestants need all the cheering on they can get :)

  3. This is so cool. It's the first I have ever heard of Win Lose or Blog . . . now I need to check it out!

  4. You are priceless, Pauline!!


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