Sunday, April 17, 2011

Week in Review

Exercise:  1-mile walk/run intervals; weed eating
Calories:  1773
Notes:  I was able to run 3-4 of the blocks today!  Did better as a boosted run (isn't that what Leslie calls it?) rather than an all-out, slap-slapping of the feet.   

Exercise:  Weed eating
Calories:  2283
Notes:  The sweet nursling was up many times last night.  I am always hungrier when this happens and eat in the night, as I can't get through the night nursings with a growling stomach.  You can call me wimpus for this!  I am enjoying taking care of a neighbor's yard with my own.  Our yards are small enough to cut with a weed eater, and my battery gives out right around 15 minutes.

Exercise:  15 Pushups; do bed aerobics count?
Calories:  Definitely over
Notes:  The top of my right foot has been hurting since the walk/run intervals, so I discovered that rolling a can under my foot got a crack on top and brought a bit of relief, though there is still a bit of soreness.  I am continuing this exercise and am not running in the meantime right now, as I don't want to do the tendonitis thing again...  My favorite Aunt took us out to dinner, and I don't know exactly where I am on cals.  You know there's a place to log the husband-and-wife business at thedailyplate?  Like I'm gonna keep track of that activity for all the world to see!  Oh LOL!

Exercise:  Weed-eating; 1 mile walk
Calories:  1849
Notes:  Our sweet nursling has been up many times every night this week.  The Hubs is back to work today after a long lay-off.  WOOHOOO!  :)  We did great getting schoolwork done and had a doctor's appointment for the nursling's food allergies.  I LOVE OUR FAMILY DOCTOR!!!!

Exercise:  20 pushups
Calories:  2077
Notes:  The nursling slept a bit better last night~can I attribute it to the probiotic I gave her?  So then I was up with big sister!  LOL!  Still got better sleep than I have in a long while.  :)  By evening my throat is on fire.

Exercise:  50 air squats
Calories:  2076
Notes:  So this time I was up last night because I am getting sick!  To think how I boasted about what a healthy winter we'd had...  Spring has kicked our butts!!!  I see this has not been the active week I would like to see.  Tomorrow is our 18th anniversary; I may or may not get a weigh in...


*My current calorie goal is 2000 while breastfeeding.


  1. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well. I hate that when you think you have beaten it and then boom. congratulations and happy anniversary. hope you have a great week. glad to hear hubby is back at work. hugs.

  2. I got such a picture in my mind when I read "weed eating" I thought you meant you were eating salads and this is how you referred to veggies.
    Too funny!
    Keep the exercise slow and steady at this point. It is more important that you have consistent daily movement and make it a habit. The sweat will come later.


  3. Hi Pauline, Happy anniversary! Sorry you're not feeling well. You are coming along well on your exercise. It just sometimes takes a little bit to get a new habit going, but once you do, it just becomes routine, and you are in a good groove. I hope you have a good week, Carla

  4. Sorry about the sickies!! That's no fun. I hope you feel better soon and happy anniversary!!!

  5. Hey!! I'm so excited because you won a copy of my book from my guest post over at MizFitOnline! AND I found your blog! I wasn't sure how else to contact you so I am leaving this comment. Email me (karen at kclanderson dot com) with your address and I'll pop the book into the mail!

  6. Sorry you're sick! Make sure you get lots of rest and some vitamin C!


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