Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My last weigh-in I GAINED! :(

So I guess this is my last post at WLB.  :(  I gained just a couple of ounces, but wouldn't it have been nice to go out with a BANG?  In all I lost 16 pounds during this challenge, and I am pleased with that.  And I stayed true to my desire to enjoy the journey!  I would have liked to have been a more exciting contestant, but I have begun life changes that I look forward to keeping.  The journey will continue!  And I owe it all to Win, Lose, or Blog and your support.  Here are my after pics, which were again the result of lots of crazy jumping outside while wearing a skirt as a dress.  I'm sure the neighbors would love to wash their eyeballs!  LOL!


Pushin' through the pain!

Click here to see how all 8 contestants finished!  I came in 3rd.  Not bad!


  1. 16lbs is a lot. Weight loss isnt eay n u achieved it. There will b ups n downs as in everything but u have made made life style changes n it will count in the future. Thanks for the support on my blog :)

    As for myself my appetite is picking up again :) I dont know if it is a wonderful thing or not hahaha. Pauline, you wrote very nice comments and soometimes I dont know how to write a good enough reply as English is a secondary language to me but I appreciate it. :)

    Regards :D

  2. I'm SO proud of you! 16 lbs ROCKS! And I think it's SO funny that you said "wash their eyeballs"...I might have to steal that one!

  3. 16 lbs is an amazing accomplishment & I know you can stick with this to the end. :)

  4. Congratulations on the nice loss--even if the last W-I was a tiny gain. I'm beginning to truly HATE the word "gain".

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. We'll get this done.



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