Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Not a bad week!

I woke up on Sunday to loose clothing again!  These were someone else's beautiful fat clothes they had shrunk out of.  I remember being so excited!  Then when I got them home I found that most of them were too tight, and I realized that I was in the biggest clothing size of my life.

Well, now they are loose!  Loose enough that these pants will be going straight into a Goodwill box after they are washed, and I am beyond thrilled!  Even though I didn't get to enjoy them.

It's funny how we perceive ourselves.  In my mind's eye I do not see myself as morbidly obese, but this is not reality.  On some level I know this to be true, but until I see a photo of myself it doesn't fully sink in.  I want to realize this fact in a productive way, but there is a danger to want hide out after such enlightenment.  Anyway, on to Sunday's weigh-in:

5 pounds down, and I'll take it!  Before this weigh-in I was formulating a plan of attack for the next week:  Do I need to lower my calories?  Get more exercise in?  It was just a time of assessing what might need to be tweaked, because you never know what's going to happen when you get up on that scale.  I think I'm happy with my calories right now (though I have been taking Sundays off of counting calories and exercise) and will focus on growing stronger in fitness for the present.  The workout plan for this week is Tony Horton's Power Half Hour.

Pushin' through the pain!

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  1. super great job on the 5 pound weight loss....!!you are doing awesome...keep up the great work...!! :)

    btw, thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a sweet comment! :)

    have a great day/week....


  2. try a rice porridge n fish fillet n vege meal some time. it seems to b working wonders for me. mayb the trick is the low calorie n one feels full bcoz of high water content n yet nutritious

  3. Great loss this week! I totally understand about not really realizing that I'm obese. I'm only 5 feet tall so I am so used to people telling me how small I am. They sure don't mean my belly. :-)

  4. GREAT job!
    I'm with you...I don't realize how big I am until I see it in a picture. I keep pulling on my size 20 jeans, size XXL shirts and don't think anything of it,..until I see a picture!
    But we are on our way, and you are doing an AWESOME job!!

  5. congrats on shrinking out of your clothes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. awesome accomplishment!!

    our mind's eye is a fascinating subject to me; after I had cosmetic surgery done several years back I found myself unable to see the new me, my mind's eye couldn't see it somehow. I did some research & found that it's a very common phenomenon. That & a whole slew of emotions are very common after cosmetic procedures; I only wish surgeons would better prepare the patients for it. And I can totally see how it would also apply in your case as well. It might also apply as you lose your weight--you may reach a point where you struggle to see that as well. Just keep that in mind & keep moving forward!

  7. Great job! Keep doing what you are doing :)

  8. WOW! Congrats on that loss, Pauline!! You're just awesomeness - have I told you that lately? :) Keep it up, my friend!

  9. Congratulations on that huge loss! Wahoo, you!!!

    Thank you for the commetns on my post. I am feeling better--God is good! :D

    I tried to follow you, but all of the contestants posts showed up on my reader. Toooo much! Is there a way to get just you?)


  10. P.S. I hit your "Follow" button. We'll see. Maybe last tiime, I followed teh whole blog.

  11. Oh how these comments make my day! A million times over! I am so blessed by your support and might not have lost those 12 pounds without you! Thank you! I think y'all are awesomeness!

  12. congrats on your weight loss, that's awesome!!!


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