Monday, January 31, 2011

Mountain Climbing!

Okay, so I don't live in the mountains.  There aren't even any mountains nearby!  Maybe they're a couple hours away.  Still we've always enjoyed climbing this big hill at a park near our house, and the kids have always called it mountain climbing.  This photo doesn't really show you that the hill is several times my height.

Oh was a good time had by all!  Laughter abounded, especially when large lady slid all the way down the hill.  I didn't realize how slippery all the leaves on it would be and struggled with my footing.  Finally, right at the tippy-top, it gave way.  The momentum I created was something to behold, as even cars going by were honking and laughing out of their windows!  One even shouted out, "I SAW THAT!"  LOL.  I felt like I had been on that mudslide in "Romancing the Stone".  What a ride!

I was covered in dirt after failing my first attempt, but then I was able to make it up several times.  The last climb set my legs on red-hot fire!  It was a great burn and fun, fun, fun.

Pushin' through the pain,

What I wasn't going to tell you:
1. Picking a photo to share with y'all wasn't easy.  The meat hanging above my elbows is disgusting.  Among other areas of hanging flesh.  :(
2. There is a photo of me sliding down, but my clothes look like they've been vacuumed to my body.  You can see every lump and roll.  Eww!  It will not see the light of day again.
3. The very moment I started exercising I suddenly felt taller, tighter, and slim.  It's quite a rush!  But stay away from mirrors and photos for a good while, because they will tell the true story and bring you crashing down.  Just like large lady sliding down the mountain.


  1. #3, #3, #3. You are telling the truth on that one, sister.

  2. I absolutely love how you get fitness in Pauline! You make it fun, keep it interesting by changing things up, and involve your family!!!!!

  3. I love reading your posts! And I totally agree with you. After working out for a few days I feel hot. I'm like oh hubby look at me. And then I saw my reflection. And I was like ahhh no! Look away!!! Come back in 6 months!!! :)

    You are a brave brave woman for taking photos of you working out! I think you deserve a medal.


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