Sunday, March 27, 2011

Week in Review

Exercise:  Digging, a couple of ladder drills
Calories:  2307
Notes:  I'm over on my first day back.  Ugh.  So not how I wanted to come back!  My plan was to walk early in the AM, I got rained out, and the next thing I knew we had started school while I had not gotten in any activity!  ACK!  I found I was hungry and thirsty all day.

Exercise:  Sadly, no.
Calories:  2110
Notes:  We had dinner with friends, so I guess-timated!

Exercise:  A brisk, long walk, a ladder drill as I went out to hang the clothes on the line
Calories:  1705
Notes:  I'm not wanting to exercise!  ACK!  But I still really enjoy a good walk, so I'm gonna rock that for a while.  :)

Exercise:  In the red
Calories:  I'm guessin' at 2273.
Notes:  Mother Culture=Tiramisu.  I need a plan for cal counting while out with other people's cooking!  Co-op planning~it's gonna be great!

Exercise:  What is wrong with me?
Calories:  I have no idea and didn't log.
Notes:  Still waking around 4:30 every AM~I should just workout then, right?  I mean, it's not like I'm sleeping!  Counting cals is such a drag.  Sometimes I want to just try the eat when you're hungry thing, but then I know from experience that nothing works for me like counting cals!  Especially when I am diligent and really go for it with lower numbers.

Exercise:  Grass cutting?
Calories:  Right at about 2000
Notes:  I can't believe the upchucks have hit one of the littles again.  Started yesterday, and it was a long night.  We've been well what, a week?  Praying for Japan, as I cannot imagine having to give my family food and water I'm nervous about.  :(  Oh, and we can't help it.  My entire fam totally ching chongs Jimmy.  That vid takes me to my happy place!  LOL!  Probably will wait and weigh next week.


*My current calorie goal is 2000 while breastfeeding.


  1. Hi Pauline, It sounds like you had a good week. Being aware of things is half the battle. I LOVE tiramisu, my favorite dessert of all. Walking is so effective, don't feel bad about the exercise, it'll come, just keep walking. So is mowing the lawn and other stuff you have to do in life, housework, vacuuming, etc. Sorry your little one is sick again, my grown son is sick and coughing and sneezing all over the place (gotta get the Chlorox wipes out :) ). I really enjoy reading your review posts. Hope you have a good week. Carla

  2. Hi Pauline, the biscuit thing...are the eggs and sausage already cooked? This sounds really great. I don't have sausage, but I have more ham from the egg muffins I can use. Thanks, Carla

  3. OK, I just wrote a long comment & lost it.. UGH!

    So, I was saying, for me, consistency is so important. I did not know about the breast feeding since I am new here so you have to eat right for that for sure!

    And, after all my years of this, friends & family are so used to me that they either make something plain for me & I season myself OR I bring my own most of the time. YUP, I do & don't care.. good ole older age will do that for you! ;-)

  4. Try not to be too hard on yourself. You are a busy woman, raising a family and keeping a household. I would suggest to focus more on the positive things you accomplish!!

    Have a great week Pauline.

  5. I hatted counting cals for the longest time, too. Now I feel funny if I don't. My only trouble comes if I eat something that is impossible to figure cals on--then I get really weird. umm, weirder.

    Hang in their, girlfriend, you'll get it done.


  6. keep it up. i am sure u will reach yr goal eventually. Terrible terrible another earth quake in Japan today 6.5 magnitude

  7. Sorry about your little one being is s/he?

    Keep plugging away...
    Thirteen Pounds

  8. i haven't counted calories, but I know it works very well for a lot of people. Walking is actually a very good exercise, so you are doing good, you can challenge yourself more to a more strenuous walk when you start to enjoy it and see the benefits, but I believe you do very well. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  9. Calorie counting is a pain but soon enough you will actually develop a good sense of what you're consuming w/o having to consult a reference - I eventually did! Though I don't record my daily calorie intake, I feel comfortable with my approximations. It really helped to know what my Resting Metabolic Rate was to determine how many kcals I needed to either lose or maintain my weight. Your calorie goal sounds just about right - more importantly, it sounds healthy! 8-D Hope the little one is feeling better!

  10. Give and take, my dear. Your diet isn't measured in a week, but continuous weeks and months and years. :-)
    Walking is great exercise! But so is house-cleaning...if you're rained in, maybe you can just start mopping the floor. It'll make your family happy, too. ;-)


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