Thursday, March 31, 2011


My attitude has lacked a little pep lately.  Maybe it has to do with the sickies hitting again and having a touch of cabin fever~thank y'all for asking!  We are good, but it did make a few rounds between some of the littles again.  One poor family at church has been hit 3 times!  (Prayers going up on their behalf!)

So today I woke up in another ho-hum mood.  I had no desire to exercise (again) or care about food.  Survival mode is not walking hand-in-hand with the Savior, Pauline!  But that's honestly where I've been.  I started cooking pancakes for the bigfunfam and perused my favorite blogs between flips.  I'm always online while cookin'!  LOL!  And then the silliest thing made my day:  BengBeng had mentioned karaoke, I answered that I sing a mean "Love Shack" but am a one trick pony, and then he added the vid to my comment.  Totally made my day!  So much so that I got off my duff and did push-ups, dips, and air squats to the music between surfin' and flippin' pancakes.  HA!  And here I thought I stunk at multi-tasking...

So what's the moral here?  You never know when your comments or interest will bless someone, all the way around the world.  :)  Thanks BengBeng.  I did those push-ups in honor of you today!

Pushin' through the pain!


  1. I always find it amazing that such seemingly simple things can find a way to inspire and motivate us. I'm sorry to hear that some of the little ones got sick again, so let's hope that things calm down soon.

    Keep up the great work!

    Also, pancakes sound so good right now...

  2. I saw you over at my place & looks like fitting it in is not as hard as we really think! :-) When you don't feel like it, find something to do that is just fun.. dance or jump around or turn on the music station & go crazy! ;-)

  3. You inspire me today. I'm struggling with the Bliggity Blahs again...for a while. Thank you for your words...I think I will go get the resistance bands out...can't do much else on account of this nasty dry cough I have inherited...

  4. you have been a source of comfort to me. :0


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