Sunday, March 13, 2011

Week in Review

Exercise:  Nope.
Calories:  2030
Notes:  I attended fellowship yesterday knowing that the uppers were not healthy.  NOT a good idea!  By the time we left for home I could no longer keep up appearances.  (See?  I really do push through the pain IRL, but not in a good way!)  I came home to fever and red streaks on the mammaries.  NO FUN!  Had some low points that have sent me into reflection into who I am, and how I relate to people.  I am wanting to just be quiet when around others.  May not be able to do much of a workout today but am hoping to be able to get back into the swing of things tomorrow!  Lowered my calorie goal by 200.

Exercise:  No regrets.
Calories:  1897
Notes:  After 10:00 PM I am beginning to feel better than I've felt all day.  YAY!  

Exercise:  Walked to the library.
Calories:  2187
Notes:  One little has been sick all week, and now it's spreading to some of the other littles!  The nursling has just thrown up.  I was aiming to stay within my cals since I'm not getting workouts in, but I was up late and very hungry before bed.  Still up at 2:30 AM, and 4 of the 7 of us have the upchucks thus far.  3:20 AM = 5 out of 7 with the upchucks...

Exercise:  Nothin' to see here.
Calories:  I have no idea, though I'm fairly sure I'm not over.
Notes:  All but me are sick, so I finally got to my first meal of the day around 2:00 PM.  I am blessed with energy and strength!  AND I got to use the crock pot The Hubs got me for the first time today for taco soup.  It's so good I could have eaten all myself!  Instead I guess I'll put the rest away since nobody else can really eat it...  :)  

Exercise:  Not planning on it.
Calories:  Who knows?  Probably under though.
Notes:  As vomit moves way to diarrhea here, my prayers are more turned toward Japan.  I am thinking of the fear, the displacement, the loss of loved ones, that missing persons be found alive, that needs will be met, that life will get back to normal with a supernatural quickness, for restoration, for peace.  And then I'm praying for the pregnant and newborns in our church fellowship, as another family came down with what seems to be the same illness at the same time as we did.

Exercise:  Just not worried about it today.
Calories:  Same.
Notes:  My goal is for the fam to get better.  Praying, praying for Japan and just cannnot pray for myself like I used to in light of all that's going on in the world.


*My current calorie goal is 2000 while breastfeeding.


  1. I hope all of the sickies leave your house soon!!

  2. We've been dealing with the sickies here too, so I sympathize with you. Sending a ton of hugs, prayers, and cyber chicken soup your way! *HUGS*

  3. Sounds like a rough week...prayers comin' atcha and your chitlins...;-)


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