Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week in Review

Exercise:  Power Half Hour Arm Toner vid
Calories:  2146
Notes:  I didn't like using a band for this one, because I felt unevenly worked.  I hate that!  I like guaranteed even tension, so I'll use weights next time.  I love Tony Horton.  My daughter has a crush on Bobby.  LOL!  This was not hard for me to get through.

Exercise:  Power Half Hour Bun Shaper vid; basketball with the big fun fam, short races with the littles
Calories:  2223
Notes:  I am the loving fact that I can keep up with these, but I felt this one!  Brings to mind the idea of bodyweight exercises again~all those burpees must have paid off.  Proof that I must continue, but let me get past this head cold...  One of my girls has been doing my vids with me and choosing healthier foods, too.  That makes my day!  No one wanted Mom on their team, so Mom and Dad stomped the littles in b-ball.  :)  Then we ran all kinds of races:  running, skipping, galloping, sideways, backwards, crab walking, etc.  We also started a new game today:  Whenever a certain song is played we must stop what we're doing and dance!  Or I do Turbo-Jam-type moves to it...  Fun!  (Even though not mentioned, this was done throughout the whole week.)  :)  Made the best artichoke pizza on a whole wheat tortilla for din-din.

Exercise:  Power Half Hour Stretch vid; a little bit of digging in the back yard; 1 1/2 mi walk with a playground stop in the middle
Calories:  2167
Notes:  I know how important stretching is, but I have not been doing it enough.  I really, really needed this!  It felt so good.  But I must admit stretching doesn't feel like you're doing enough of a workout!  Today I have felt like there's not enough of me to go around.  Choosing to workout is leaving areas of lack, and the house needs a good cleaning!

Exercise:  Power Half Hour Thigh Trimmer vid
Calories:  2571
Notes:  My middle is sore after "just stretching".  I'm still thrilled that I can keep up, but I am fatigued after this vid!  Attended an incredible Mother Culture meeting this evening.  The candlelit tables and place settings were beautiful!  The Taco Soup was MMM-MMM good.  I was moved to tears several times and hit the Andes mints pretty hard.  They were especially good in my hot chocolate!  I blew it and have no idea how many calories I really ate.

Exercise:  Power Half Hour Ab Burner minus the supine parts
Calories:  2721
Notes:  How does one wake up ravenous after eating before bed?  And I hope my hunger will decrease when I'm not nursing and have to drop my cals..  ugh.  Another good workout.  I've had moments of sadness today, and with it came the desire to really eat.  I still want to eat so badly!  Fear of the scale Sunday is building...  By the end of the night my stomach is growling.  Argh!  That'll teach me not to use my calories frivolously early, as I'm not one to go hungry.  Sigh.  The Hubs tried to get me not to log the extra -like that's going to make a difference!  3 days in the red...

Exercise:  A nice, long walk around the neighborhood with the nursling.  2+ miles.
Calories:  1740
Notes:  There's a hitch in my giddy-up.  Slept for 3 hours while the nursling napped!


*My calorie goal is 2200 while breastfeeding.


  1. Try not to stress about the things in life that are out of your control. I've noticed that when I focus on the positive things, my out look is much better. For exercised every day!! That's awesome! Keep up the great work Pauline (bytheway...that's my middle name!)

  2. Way to be! I'm proud of you! Woot! :-) I need to hop back on this bandwagon. I'm committing to tracking cals this week...I did fairly well last week, but I'm going to track them now...

  3. impressive workouts!!!!!!!!!!!! And the artichoke pizza sounds divine!!!

  4. Ok, I am a horrible blogging friend! I have not kept up over the past month or so but I am up to date now. I just wanted to let you know "I feel ya girl!!" You can do this! I just went back and read your past posts here and looks to me that you have got a good start. Just really stinks how the smaller #s take so long for us women to show up on the scale. Oh, and about your heel pain-I had HORRIBLE pain a few years ago to the point that some mornings I could not even step on one foot. I got some kinda spray for it (nothing from a store so I can't point ya to the exact stuff) but the main ingrediant was peppermint oil. I sprayed it on my heel every single time it started hurting and with in a few weeks the pain was gone-NEVER TO RETURN as of yet! WOOHOO Peppermint oil is amazing like that so maybe it will work for your pain. Anyway, good luck and I am rootin for ya!! :)

  5. I've NEVER liked using resistence bands, they use them a lot in slim in 6 & slim series, but I ALWAYS just use my dumb bells.

    That artichoke pizza sounds AMAZING!!

    Anytime I eat a big meal late I wake up ravenous--I think it has some sort of rebound effect on your blood sugar or something.

    Keep up the great work girl!


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