Friday, February 25, 2011

Supreme 90 Days

I learned about this workout on some fitness forums, and it is awesome!  It is a 10 DVD set led by Tom Holland you can get from Walgreen's or Bed, Bath, and Beyond for only $19.99.  Yes, you read that right.  It's 10 DVD's, it's only $19.99, and it's awesome.  Before I go any further, please know that I am in no way affiliated with the company, nor do I benefit from tell y'all this.  But if you buy into it, you will!  :)  (See for clips.)

Today I will do my 5th workout from this series.  What I love so far is that 1.) I can do them (at my own pace), but 2.) I still have plenty of room to grow into them and am sure they will always be challenging.  Most of them are around 30 minutes.  You do a movement for 20-30 seconds and then have 10-30 seconds of rest, or you do a circuit of 8-12 reps a few times and then move onto another circuit.  You will need dumbbells and an exercise ball for these workouts.  The rotation is for 90 days, but it will take a bit longer for me.  I find that I need a rest day after every 2 workouts right now, but I know that I will get stronger.  I'm also requiring more sleep.  That will change!  While I won't look like the featured exercisers at the end of this go-round, I am positive that my body will look very different than it does now.  If you try it, you must come back and tell me how much you love it!

Pushin' through the pain!


  1. Do you have any before and after pics posted? So you would recommend this for my wife who blogs on
    I was thinking about buying it here as I have bought other seen on tv products from this site and have had no problems.

  2. I will definitely be on the lookout for it! Thanks for the heads-up, Pauline! :)

  3. this is my payback for the chocolate chip blondies!! you are tempting me my friend! :)

  4. Wow, looks awesome! Thanks for posting this, Pauline!

  5. yep love the set. LOVE the price. I am impressed w/ the pricing- love that they are making it affordable to everyone! Really enjoying hte w/o's and look forward to doing all of them!


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