Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Plan

Why now?  Well, my timing has all centered around my precious nursling.  Finally the nursling is not just dependent upon my milk, so I can be the all-or-nothing gal I am and really go for it!  Everything that enters my mouth will be logged at with a calorie cap of 2200.  Already this has opened my eyes to how little water I've been drinking, especially for breastfeeding.  I'm finding that my cholesterol and salt numbers are consistently high, and Pauline loves some yummy food!  Even eating healthily there is a bigger slice of fat in my pie chart than is best.  This is my beginning, though I'm sure many assessments and much tweaking will follow throughout this long journey.  I am finding that my calories haven't always been that far off, I've just allowed myself to become that sedentary.  How sad!  Why did I let myself go?  All the way?

Exercise is where I plan to really throw in variety for the fun-factor.  Walking, walking with weights, run a block/walk a block, exercise vids, squat thrusts and other such movements just thrown in throughout the day, playing hard on the playground with my family, roller skating up and down the sidewalk, I am ready and willing to try anything to get out there and enjoy moving.  (And ugh.  Don't forget the kegels, y'all.)  Last night it was doing the worm with the kids in the living room amidst breathless laughter.  I'd even like a skateboard!  There are lots of hills around me, and after large lady walking two-miles walk last week I could barely put pressure on my heel the next day.  Having been fit before, I hate that I have to start all over oh so slowly.  I fear this will be a hindrance as I fight for the big win!

Pushin' through the pain!


  1. I'm so excited for you!! I am also pretty bad about the water thing. I just forget. Or drink coffee. I do so much better having a large container/bottle with me.
    And, I think a skateboard is an AWESOME idea!!! I might have to put my fear of face plants aside and swipe my hubbys!

  2. Push through that pain, girl! It's crazy that at least it's the "good" pain, brought on by slowing turning around to be the person we're supposed to be. I'm rootin' for ya.

  3. Love your spirit Pauline!!! ALl your exercise sounds fun, doable, and totally family friendly- I cant imagine a better exercise plan! This sounds like a plan we could all stick to. Enjoy what you do and you'll keep doing it, I always say :)

  4. you can do this....!! and having fun exercising with your family sounds good too!! :)


  5. the pain will pass, but at least it's not pain from arthritis or something of that nature, no pain no gain, right? just keep at it, I know you can do it!

  6. Hi Pauline!

    Let's do this together!!! Always looking for motivation and inspiration from others!!


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