Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Thanks to Mr. Bengbeng for asking after me.  :)  I am enjoying decorating and got a sleeper love seat from Craigslist for $20! All it needed was a slipcover and is so comfortable, so the living room is looking way different. Lots of plans for cutting shelves shorter and painting and shuffling things around drastically, a little at a time. OH~ and I'm decoupaging our bathroom walls with fine art prints, which is kinda cool. (Except if we sell one day~sorry to the buyer! LOL!) We love watching our tomatoes and figs and blackberries and spinach and pepper bearing and can't wait for blueberry season IF they bear this year. Heading into summer school with excitement to prepare for next year's co-op. 

That's it here, though I'm not doing well in the weight department. I'm not gaining, but I'm certainly not losing. Honestly it feels good not to be food-obsessed though... Still would like to add some drills back into our day.  For those actively pursuing weight loss, Win, Lose, or Blog is accepting apps for Season 5!!!!!! 


  1. Thanks for the update. That's great that your garden is growing! I hope the sickies have officially left your house.

    It is a great feeling to not be obsessed with food.

    Take care!

  2. Thanks Myndie! We haven't been sick for what seems like a long while now, PTL!

  3. i have eating food with a vengeance .. now that i have got my appetite back :) hope to see pics of yr decorating efforts :)

  4. Not losing is certainly better than gaining :) That's wonderful you have a garden, watching a garden grow is so fun, I look forward to the first meal made from the produce in ours.

  5. Hi Pauline, I was thinking about you and wondering how you and yours are. Hope you are all having a wonderful summer. Carla

  6. Hi Pauline, my email is sierra7857@gmail.com if you ever just want to visit. In my prayers, take care! Carla


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