Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Inspired and let down...

So Mo is amazing, absolutely amazing!  That girl is an exercise animal!  And she shared some really great tips with me on caring for achy feet due to heavy exercise I'd like to share with y'all:

"Also, regarding walking/running/jogging--go at your own pace. Also consult your doctor or gym trainer before starting any strenuous activity because they might be able to provide insight on what type of training programs or stretches you can do to prevent injury! Last note: It may also be your shoes and socks. Cotton kills. Don't ever wear cotton during a workout because it traps heat. I would suggest dri-fit or dri-wick material or a combination of cotton & _____, but never 100% cotton. Also, if you are doing long endurance walking or running make sure you get a shoe that is 1/2 larger than your actual shoe size to compensate for foot swelling. For example I am a size 8 shoe and I run with a size 8.5 shoe instead. = )"

So, I went to the New Balance store for a fitting, because I love NB and know large lady needs good support.  Especially if I want to be an activity diva like Mo!  (I would usually fit myself at Rack Room.)  Dr. Derk was more than helpful and taught me sooo much!  Like, I've been buying men's shoes since they're more comfortable.  No wonder!  Women's shoes usually come in a B width, but I'm a D.  Women also usually have slimmer heels than men, which is why my heels have been slipping.  I've been buying men's shoes since they are more comfortable!  I also measured a size 10, and I've never bought a size 10 in my life!  I have a great arch, and unless it's just for an extra cushion, an insert would cause my foot to further rock towards the outside.

Wanna know the clencher?  $114!!!  Yeah, they're still in the store.  I will hafta save for this purchase.  I have no desire to run long distances, but I would love to do some walk/run intervals regularly.  OH that heel pain though! So, is my activity limited by my shoes?  My weight (certainly!)?  A combination of both?  Could I do what Mo does at this weight, or must I halt high impact activities until I'm a bit lighter...

Pushin' through the pain!


  1. Shoes are sooooooooooooooooooooooo important! I have really bad feet - flat, wide than wide & yes with narrow heels, bunions & more. It really is so hard for me to find shoes & with age, it got worse! ;-) Worth every penny for a good pair though!

  2. I'm so glad to be introduced to Mo through WLB, because I agree, she is uber motivating! I love her attitude and drive.

    Foot pain is a tough one. Can you do other things besides the impact or maybe do something like Leslie Sansone workouts. Until you've got it figured out?


  3. I will have to keep those shoe tips in mind now that I want to start running, I already know after 2 days that I'm in major need of some new shoes. I thought of a great work out DVD that might be worth trying when I read this post, it's called the 500 calorie Burn by The Firm. I bought it at Walmart for $10. It has beginner modifications that still make you work but aren't so hard on your feet and knees. It's aerobics and I felt like a complete dork doing it the first few times, even all by myself with no one watching because I'm not coordinated at all, but once I did it a few times and learned the moves I fell in love with it. Good luck!

  4. I feel ya on the shoes - it was a big purchase but definitely an important one. Running in the wrong kind of shoes can hurt your feet, back, or knees - not good! There are tons of other exercises you can do, though, that don't need special shoes, so you can definitely keep moving in the meantime! :)

  5. When I was starting out with walking exercises (and still over 300 lbs) I had horrible heel pain and wore Dr Scholl's gel heel inserts. At some point the pain went away. When I got down to 200 lbs it returned, along with hip pain. Went to Orthopedic Dr. The heel pain went away with a $120 sneaker and inserts to turn my foot straight (it naturally turns out).
    It really is all One Step at a Time!


  6. It is true that good shoes are a worthy investment, especially if you plan on doing a lot of running and walking, but I agree that New Balance and similar stores are just way too expensive for my taste.

    When I started my couch to 5K program, I decided to take the middle ground and go to Academy for new running shoes. I didn't get the cheap-o ones that I usually would, or the really expensive ones, but I found some great options.

    Now that you've gone to New Balance and know exactly what you should look for, you might be able to find some affordable alternatives at athletics stores for the time being.

    Good luck!

  7. Shoes are great but I'm convinced you don't need fancy shoes - or shoes at all! - to get a great high-intensity workout. There are lots of options besides running or walking but if you love those two the best - are you care to stretch your shins, toes, calves and heels afterward? I know it sounds silly but stretching after exercise (and foam rolling) can make a huge difference when it comes to persistent pain. But no matter what - great job with the exercise!! (And more importantly are the NB's 114$ CUTE?? Kidding! Only sorta.)

  8. Great review! I often wonder what my problem is everytime I want to walk a lil faster or possibly run. It feels like the damn earth is shaking and my shins hurt something terrible.
    I think it's time to "get fitted". :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog! As much as I love PB, I can't imagine putting it in ice cream!! LOL Icky!!


  9. You have to feel confident in your gear whatever it is. Shoes definitely can make a difference in comfort. Performance too perhaps, but comfort is what I look for in shoes. If my feet are not happy then I am not either.


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