Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm here!

Spring Break is almost over, and I am hoping sickness is, too.  It's been a loooong week or two!  It's been like a simple cold for the children, but I am still struggling with a hacking (but productive!) cough, yucky nose, lovely voice, poison ivy, and plugged lady lumps.  (Thanks Charlotte for the new terminology!  HA!  I love creative names for parts~is that sad?)  I think it's because I'm lacking sleep.

When our baby boy had allergies and eczema, I remember I would get up with him up to 6 times every night~while pregnant!  The nursling's allergies tend more to colitis, plus she has 4 teeth coming in.  She'll wake up a few times each night and only fall back to sleep when carried and rocked.  She's so worth it!  But I'm not sure if it's teeth or allergy, and I am looking forward to making our specialist appointment.  I've been waiting for us to get a bit better so as not to infect the waiting room.  She's so sweet and very happy during the day.

Anyway, there's my update.  Too much time on the internet, not enough school (getting in lots and lots of math though!  and our Lenten devotional.), housework, and exercise getting done, and I'm missing co-op planning for next school year!!!  I've not been counting cals, but I don't think I've been awful.  Sometimes I get in some push-ups or air squats, but that's about it.

Pushin' through the pain!


  1. I think this post is me admitting that I am weary.

  2. I hope you finally beat this sickness! It sounds miserable!

  3. Sorry about all this, Pauline. Maybe taking a walk every day would help clear your lungs?

  4. Try a little meditation. set aside a little time when able, sit in a comfortable position, try not to fall asleep n concentrate on yr breathing movements. clear yr mind. try it some time for its effectiveness

  5. Feel better!!!!! You need Pauline time!

  6. hope u r feeling better by now :)


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