Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Inspiration from the Hood...

Robin Hood, that is!  I love the little encouragements life hands us along the way.  We happened upon this treasure in one of my son's school reads this week, and I found it fitting for my attitude in wanting to embrace the process of losing weight, however it may look for me:

"...a duty which seemeth to us sometimes ugly and harsh, when we do kiss it fairly upon the mouth, so to speak, is no such foul thing after all."  ~Will Scarlet of Arthur a Bland's "The Wooing of Sir Keith", in Howard Pyle's Robin Hood.

May we all find many such motivations as we travel to our desired destination.

Pushin' through the pain!

An edit inspired by Deb!  The song in question is about a foul and gruesome dame who comes to King Arthur and asks that a Christian knight willingly kiss her.  They all refuse until they get to Sir Keith, and when he kisses her she becomes very beautiful (glittering hair, sweet breath, soft voice, etc).  May each victory along the way be so sweet, ending with healthful beauty!


  1. I do so love this quote. And the visual that comes with loving this journey wholeheartedly as we go about our business! It's not so foul when we get going at it. :-)

    Thanks for sharing.

    PS - you're so clever. I wanna be like you.

  2. sometimes i wonder abt the definition of beauty during Robin Hood times..was Maid Marian slim, thin, ample or overweight?

  3. HaHa!! Good one!

    Just as an aside, the definition of beauty historically has been pretty consistent. The stuff one reads about certain periods due to artists only looks at a limited number of paintings, and is used as a justification which if studied further is incorrect.


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