Monday, January 17, 2011

Which do you want first?

How about the good news?  The weekend was awesome!  Saturday morning the middlest child and I excitedly surprised everyone with breakfast in bed, and it was a sweet time.  The weather was balmy at almost 50 degrees, so the big, fun fam went to the playground for a game of crab soccer.

Do you have any idea what it took for that large lady to pick her big babloomba up off the ground?  It was more like a scoot and a bottom-drag than a crab walk.  I also got to volley a bit with the hubs (with no net) and kicked a smaller ball around with everyone.  As we left one of the littles told me it was the best day ever!  That made my day.

Sunday's fellowship was fuel for a great week.  Afterward I went to my ceremonial scale in the mall, and you can skip the drum roll.  I am down 5 pounds.  I know that it's good to be down 5 pounds, but I am a large lady.  And I have done this before.  I can pull bigger numbers!  Especially the first week.  So I'm going to have to work a bit harder.  After all, I want to take the other contestants down.

Instead of hitting around my calories, I'll need to be a bit stricter about not going over.  Ever.  I may need to bring my own meal for Sunday fellowships, because those ladies can cook.  (Or maybe weigh on Saturday?  See me still trying to work around that?)  My exercise has been squat thrusts or mountain climbers before every meal, lat dips, planks, hitting my step early in the morning while quickly exhuasting my upper body with weights, walking, and yoga stretches.  Since the beginning of the challenge I have been consistently sore, and oy!  That heel hurts.  But I can work harder.  So it's my plan to do just that.

Pushin' through the pain!

Just thinking out loud about lack of quality rest.  I have read time and again how important sleep is while trying to lose weight, and I had more than one sleepless night last week.

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  1. Crab soccer sounds so FUN!! If El Paso weren't the breeding grounds for sand spurs, we'd be on that game!

    Five pounds is great!! I am with you on being much more strict about the diet. Guessing isn't doing it for me, I just know I am not falling into the range I need to. How are you going to do keep up with it?

  2. Wow, your weekend sounds great. Crab soccer is a fabulous idea! And I think 5 lbs is wonderful. I thought the official weigh-in was Tuesday, so I'll have to do it then. I hope I do as well as you do!

  3. Summer, I'm counting calories by logging all my food at (it's also livestrong). I love that I can type in a recipe, and it will calorie count for me! I'm Pretty Pauline there if you want to see what I'm eating~OUCH! Don't look!

    Rachel, I'm thinking I need to find out what weigh day is then? HA! Any day but Sunday would be better for me on account of those cookin' church ladies... And yah, I should be happier about 5 pounds.

  4. I hope your fitness efforts go well for you, Pauline! May I suggest a daily walk as a very good way to help. 30 to 60 minutes if you can. You will have to educate yourself on calories and portion control, but it's a process and direction is everything. Best of luck!

  5. Congrats on the loss and good luck with the calorie counting. Thanks for stopping by my blog and you just picked up a new follower.

  6. 5 lbs is FANTASTIC!! You are doing wonderfully. Feel free to weigh & email photos on Sat instead of Sunday- that is perfectly fine!...I loved hearing about your family outing- what a wonderful day!!!!!!!!!

  7. Great work. :) Five pounds lost is better than going the opposite direction, right? Your kids will remember the silly things like playing crab ball for way longer than you can imagine.

    I am also on a weight loss journey. My struggle is finding ways to be active in this cold Minnesota weather. Time to suck it up and take the dog for a loooooong walk in the snowy tundra.

    Thank you for sharing your story and letting us peek into your life. You are an inspiration!

    Starting weight September 28, 2010: 250
    Current weight: 207

  8. Congrats on that loss, Pauline!! You're doing SO GREAT! Oh, and I LOVE that picture of you! Way to go on the exercise! :)

  9. Great job!! Wouldn't it be great to lose 5 lbs every week and within 6 months you would be hitting your goal. Alas, it doesn't work that way, does it? Keep up the exercise and fun activity! I'm proud of you for braving the cold and getting out to have fun! You can do it!

    I have been really inspired by a local fellow who chronicled his journey for a year - and he's still working at it. He has a progress video that will amaze you. Check him/follow him at

    Love you, girl!!

  10. Excellent job on the 5lbs Pauline. It must've felt good when your little ones said that had the best day ever.

  11. Good for you for playng crab soccer! Amazing! I'm cheering from here!

  12. Debbie and Janis, I am not finding a link to get back to your blogs. Please help!

    I love all of the ideas I get from all of you. What motivation! It's funny how I'm usually cropping my body out of photos, and on this journey I'm cropping out my face. LOL!


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