Saturday, January 22, 2011

Week in Review

Exercise:  Leslie Sansone's Walk Slim Fast Firming vid; 15 squat thrusts; 20 mountainclimbers; 60 sec. plank with leg lifts
Calories:  2348 (88 remaining)
Notes:  Great vid!  I definitely need a heavier band, as the only burn I felt was from the lunges.  That wasn't due to the band though!  I love that the bands allow for pushing/pulling movements you don't get with free weights.

Exercise:  Turbo Jam Learn and Burn vid; 1.8-mile walk
Calories:  2490 (363 remaining)
Notes:  I know I'm nursing, but my calories already seem so high!  Do I really need to add back in what I've worked off?

Exercise:  Homemade workout: 5lb weights on the step (15 min.), yoga (10 min); 15 squat thrusts (with push-ups); crab soccer and touch football
Calories:  2183 (392 remaining)
Notes:  I was huffing and puffing on the step (I just do as many overhead presses I can until I'm fried while alternating step-ups, delts, biceps), but I really made myself sweat with the yoga!  Today wasn't just  scootin' and draggin'.  I actually crab walked a bit!  WOOT!

Exercise:  Football, 15 squat thrusts (with push-ups); Jazzercise
Calories:  1731 (1182 remaining)
Notes:  We happened upon a free Jazzercise, low-impact class today!  The instructor was preparing me for not being able to keep up and was surprised when I had no trouble except for one segment of legwork.  And I could have used 5 pounders (rather than 3) on all but one set of exercises.

Exercise:  Walking 42 min.
Calories:  2928 (310 over goal)
Notes:  My skivvies are loose this AM!  Just walked freely today with disregard to form.  Was ravenous all day long to the point of actually hearing my stomach growl several times.  My little nursling also nursed a lot more than usual today for some reason.

Exercise:  Turbo Jam Learn and Burn vid
Calories:  2104 (410 remaining)
Notes:  I used 1lb. hand weights with this vid today.  I thought it was the 20-min. workout and realize now it's only 15.


*Remember my calorie goal is 2200 while breastfeeding, and adds back the calories you work off.


  1. I love the Friday comment about the skivvies. It's the little victories like that that make it all worthwhile. Cheers, Rick

  2. Congrats on the skivvies being loose, Pauline! That's just awesome! I love Leslie Sansone's workouts too. Keep up the great work, my friend! :)

  3. Great progress!! I am not a big proponent of eating back the calories you work off. It just seems counter-intuitive as you must expend more calories than you take in. (I'm not a doctor either.) ;)
    I'm so proud of you, Lady!!

  4. free jazzercise sounds fab and way to go on showing that teacher you can shake your stuff w/ the rest of em!!!!!

  5. I dunno. RE: eating the number of calories you burn. Seems kind of counter-productive to me. Deb

  6. I love that you've got a good balance...I say weekend is the time when you def should be able to afford to go a bit over.

    My mother likes Leslie Sansone workouts, too. Like the Walk-away-the-pounds video. :-)

  7. You had a great week of activity, Pauline. Way to go on the loose skivvies!!!

  8. wow u have a strict exercise regime, this requires tremendous discipline. wonderful

  9. Thanks to ALL of you for being so supportive and encouraging!!!!!


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